Why do we exist?

Mental space to achieve your potential.

We exist to improve emotional well-being, so every student can unlock their full potential.

Studying is stressful.

Students that feel anxious every week

Statistic from a national poll by the Mental Health Foundation

In the UK today, we are aware that stress is a huge block to learning.

We are also aware that when stress builds up too much, it can affect our ability to take in. process, and store new information.

But we aren’t trying to combat it.

Students all over the country are being lured in with websites and learning tools that promise to help them study faster or better or smarter; but why is no-one trying to help them study happier?

Time to study happier.

Students that feel less stressed after using Study Rocket

Statistic from our randomised user surveys

Founded by a student that saw this worry and pressure in his friends, James set out to pass on the process and techniques that helped take the stress out of his studies.

Now a team of educators, designers, software engineers and researchers bound by a common cause, we’re giving students a healthy and happy mind by creating clarity, structure, and confidence around their work. A space to breathe, relax, and study, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got their backs.

We strive to be a light in the darkness for every student who comes to us confused and anxious about what they’re supposed to do.

We lay out a clear, manageable roadmap to their goals; goals set by them, and not by a school, a parent or an algorithm.

We guide them along that journey with an adaptive revision plan which breaks their work down into manageable chunks, builds in pauses for them to rest and recuperate, and shows them exactly how far they’ve come.

With 10,000 students and counting, we’re on a mission to make every student a happy student.

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The crazy people behind it all.

Based out of our London and Bangkok stations, the fleet behind Study Rocket includes…

James Terry

CEO & Founder

Maud Millar

Head of Education

Sarah Peters

Head of Insights

Etienne Smith

Head of Engineering

Millie Hanson

Marketing Manager

Sinisa Malinovic

Content Manager

Rossathorn I.

Project Manager

Phumiphat L.

Lead Backend Engineer

Wachara N.

Lead Frontend Engineer

Yanyong P.

Frontend Engineer

Kamontham P.

Backend Engineer

Wisit K.

Backend Engineer

Ura S.

Frontend Engineer

Tananes N.

WordPress Developer

Tim Smalley


Richard Sams


Chanon S.