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What is Study Rocket?

Study Rocket is an interactive learning environment for students. We create an experience which centralises,
encourages and improves student extra-curricular work to get more out of their study time. Within this
experience we deliver all-inclusive subject content, and that’s where you come in.

How does it work?

A Study Rocket course can be thought of as an interactive revision guide. The content of a course should cover an
entire exam board syllabus in sufficient depth that it can be used in isolation by a student while still enabling them to reach the top grades.

It’s a simple process to create a Study Rocket course for your subject:

1 Apply to be a Study Rocket content champion

2 Decide the subject(s), level(s) and exam board(s) you want to take on

3 We provide you with access to the course builder and an instruction booklet (it’s simple)

4 Split the exam board requirements into topics and write the content, practice questions and video scripts

5 Submit the course for review and we’ll put it live

6 Let your sales accumulate and get paid every month (with no further work!)

Who can do it?

Content champions can come from a manner of backgrounds, from specialist teachers, lecturers, academics to
high-achieving students and graduates.
We encourage anyone with a passion and knowledge of their subjects to apply.

What do I get?

Becoming a content champion is one of the smartest decisions you can make if you work, or have a passion for,
education. Beyond the obvious value you’re creating by helping students achieve their full potential, there’s
considerable rewards for your work.

Financial rewards

25% commission

£5.00-10.00 per student

Minimal workload

10-30 hours of work per course

Recycle your existing resources

Feeling strong?

Perhaps you have more time or want to maximise the
sales of your course. If that’s the case, here’s a few
things you could be doing:

— Write blog posts about your subject on our blog

— Network your course to teachers & schools

— Keep it up to date with exam spec changes