How to Balance Revision and Relaxation

by Maud Millar on December 17, 2018

Balance: The Christmas holidays are approaching, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not,  you’re probably looking forward to putting your brain on pause, eating 3739 portions of food and watching some trashy TV.




But, you might feel guilty if you think you’re spending too much time relaxing, and neglecting your revision (especially if you have mocks after Christmas). So, how do you balance productivity and relaxation?

Firstly, you should be slightly favouring relaxation over revision. It’s been a long term, and we really don’t want you to peak too soon – Easter holidays is when your brain will be going all guns a blazing.




Also, I don’t know about you, but if you go full on revision mode now, chances are you’ll have forgotten it by the time exams come around. So save that sweet energy for scoffing mince pies and running around frantically doing last minute Christmas shopping.

BUT, saying that, you’ll want to feel prepared for when you start the term in the new year, so obviously revision shouldn’t be forgotten about completely. So 2 – 4 hours a day would be a good amount. This could be making long form notes, writing down key words, or simply reminding yourself of what you learnt all the way back in September.




And, if you do have mocks as soon as you get back, just remember they are NOT the be all and end all. Call us controversial, but doing minimal revision might actually be a good indicator of your baseline knowledge – and how much more you need to learn before the real things in May.  (Might have lost favour with your teachers for saying that, oops).

Please try not to feel guilty about how much work you have or haven’t done, or to stress about what’s to come. Try to stay present (LOL) – Christmas only comes once a year! But, if you are wracked with guilt and you can’t relax without constantly thinking about studying, then seek help. Talk to someone and get some support, and know that you’re not alone in this!

So, if you spend more time chilling out, seeing friends and family than being productive, and don’t get the grades you want in January, then fear not! You got time. You got this.

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