Exercise as Stress Relief- *GUEST BLOG* by @aoifestudies

by Maud Millar on October 26, 2018

Today on the blog we have something very special for you. Aoife from @aoifestudies has taken over our channel with her brilliant and insightful thoughts on the benefits of exercise as stress relief. If any of you are feeling down, overwhelmed or stressed about your exams, this post is for you. Aoife knows her stuff, and she’s brilliant at balancing mental health with physical health and using exercise as stress relief from her studies. Check her insta out over on @Aoifestudies; her beautiful notes will calm you right down and make your day.

Exercise Stress Relief

Exercise as Stress Relief


My name is Aoife, but most of my friends either know me as aoifestudies (I run the Instagram account aoifestudies with over 1.3k followers) or aiofeswimmer because I love swimming. Alongside my swimming, I’m currently studying for my GCSEs and I’m doing; History, Geography, P.E (GCSE), Economics, Triple Science, Maths and English and once I’ve finished school I’d like to be a sports psychologist, criminal psychologist or a swimming coach.


People often tell you how important exercise is for your PHYSICAL health, but when did people tell you how good it is for your mental health? Well, it’s insanely good for your mental health and stress relief. Personally, when I’ve had a bad day at school it feels so great to work my body hard and feel really tired at the end of it all! I then go home in a much better mood. Why? Sport releases the chemical Serotonin (a type of endorphin) which makes you feel so much better mentally, helping with stress relief. Physically you’re going to be tired after a work out; however, this (hopefully!) means that you’ll sleep well, preparing you for the day ahead!


I do 14 hours in the pool, 2 hours in the gym, 2 hours of yoga and endless hours of cycling getting to training- all brilliant for stress relief. However, you don’t need to do as much as I do to get the benefits of exercise! I know that people think that they ‘don’t have time’ to do exercise because of how much revision they do. As a break from revision you go on your phone, read a book or get a snack. Therefore, try this; as a stress relief revision break (from using Study Rocket) go for a run, do a YOUTUBE YOGA tutorial or do some gentle stretches. These are all FREE and I’ve done this for a reason. People aren’t made of money and you don’t need to have a gym membership to do exercise!

I hope this was helpful! Thank you for reading!

Aoife xx


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