Flash Cards @ Study Rocket (AKA We Got This)

by Maud Millar on November 9, 2018

We’ve been talking a lot this week about flash cards and whether or not they actually work (see here and here) and we’ve also done a youtube video and a podcast on the topic. So it’s close to our hearts right now.


We’ve been a little dubious about the actual value of flash cards, because we feel very strongly that they’re only there as a final stage in the revision process. We’ve said over and over that you need to start with step one (making long notes), then go on to step two (short notes) before hitting step three, flash cards.


Study Rocket’s Flash Card System


So what we’ve done at Study Rocket is to engrain that process into our product. When you first sign up to us, you go straight into Edit Mode, which is where you make your long notes. What you get in Edit Mode is the entire scope of the exam laid out in front of your eyes. You see the title of every module, and the title of every lesson, so you know what needs to be covered in long note form. When you click on a lesson to edit it, it’s blank apart from a set of subtitles. I know, I know, I know what you’re thinking.


“This is different. There isn’t any content here. I’ve signed up for a revision product; I want to be given the information to revise from- that’s what I don’t have!” 


Not true, my friends, not true. You do have that information, mostly, in some dark recess of your brain, or in your textbook, or in your exercise book- or, most definitely, somewhere within the wide wide reaches of the internet. It is all there. You just need to find it. 


Now, we could just plonk the information in front of your eyes and say “read it”. You think, from what you know about revision, that this is how you will get all that content in your brain and you will pass your exams. Of course you do! Every revision product out there is about delivering content to you in the quickest, fastest and shortest form available (not naming any names *cough*seneca*cough*) and then testing you on it immediately. Then, you get a great score, feel great, and- presumably- go on to ace those exams.


Not so.


This is short-term learning. Cramming. These are ready-made flash cards and they are the lazy, and ineffective, way to revise. Like we said earlier this week, just making the flash cards and testing yourself on them won’t actually get any information into your brain. Yeah, you’ll remember it today. You’ll remember it tomorrow. You may, at a push, even remember it next week. But will you remember it in June? Oh hell no. It’ll be long gone by then.


So what happens next? Well, once you’ve gone through all of the lessons and created your content, you enter Study Mode, which is where you make your short notes. You highlight and use the note-taker to pick out the most important content from the vast documents you’ve compiled through all of your brilliant researching. These notes are then immediately transformed into downloadable PDFs, which you can print out at the touch of a button. Then, and only then, are they flashcard-ready. You can test yourself on Study Rocket using the questions attached to every lesson, or you can test yourself in real life using the printed documents you created. 


Why we do this Flash Card system


What we do is promote the well-established mentality of teaching a man to fish rather than giving a man a fish. What we do is tell you what you need to make long notes on, and then allow you to go out and actually make those long notes for yourself (step one in the process). Think of our method as an educational scavenger hunt. We give you the keywords, you fill in the gaps. You can do this from your own brain (if you remember the answers!), from your textbook/exercise book, or from the internet. We’ve even built the most brilliant cheaty Chrome extension which, if you download it, allows you to steal content from any site on the internet and send it directly to your Study Rocket subheading. Brilliant, huh?


Of course, there is a backup plan. If you genuinely can’t find the content, we don’t leave you out in the cold. Every single blank lesson in our archive has a fully-completed lesson sitting just behind it, ready to be downloaded. These lessons are written by examiners and current teachers of the exams, and they all have everything in them that you want to know. If you get really stuck, you can of course upgrade to see all the information instantly, but this is a backup plan, not a go-to. It costs you 99p each time you do it, or you can sacrifice some of your hard-earned Rocket Fuel, so it should be used when you’re really stuck- rather than as a matter of course.


flash cards


Check you out with your Study Rocket Flash Cards


I think there’s a real sense of pride in that. Nobody gave you those notes; you did it yourself, from beginning to end. You researched the long information, you highlighted and edited it into shortened information and you turned it into flash cards. Yes, ok, sometimes you’ll want to download the premium content when you’re really stuck, but the majority of the work was actually yours.


And you know what that means? That means it’ll stick. It’ll be there tomorrow and the next day and the next month and even in June, because you’ll have gone through the whole process, rather than just downloading an app that shows you flash cards and tests you immediately to check you’ve remembered what you read five minutes before. You’ll feel relaxed, calm, and confident going into that exam, and you won’t feel stressed during the process because we’ve made it simple and straightforward. No fuss, no nonsense, no gimmicks.


Study Rocket. Study Happy.

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