Focus and avoid distractions when studying

by Maud Millar on December 12, 2018

It can be hard to focus deeply on one task when you’re studying, because there are so many distractions to get in your way.

But there are some simple tips we can give you to help you maintain focus long-term, and avoid getting torn away from your vital studying every few minutes.




1. Keep your focus by… Using highlighters to help you follow the text




Highlighters are a great way to keep yourself focused. The point of a highlighter is, firstly, to allow important information to stand out so that you can see it at a glance and, secondly, to make sure you’re actually reading and taking in information. When you read with a highlighter, your mind is actively engaged in a decision-making process. You’re asking yourself all the time “Is this important? Do I highlight this? What’s the key word or phrase in this sentence?” This makes it much harder to switch off, and you’re much more likely to keep your focus on the page.


Keep your focus by… Keeping your eyes on the prize




You need to have a visible, visual sense of the big picture. This is why, at Study Rocket, we’re all about the master plan. You’re much more likely to stay focused on the short-term tasks of your daily study routine if you are aware of the long-term. This can be a revision timetable, a visualisation of your journey, or just a countdown to exam day on your calendar, wall or device. When you can see the path ahead of you (how many days, how many subjects, how many tasks), your brain understands how this bit of work feeds into that journey, and so it seems less pointless. Ergo, you’re more likely to keep your focus if your eye is on the prize.

If you need help planning your revision and making a masterplan, we’re working on it! Look out for an exciting update in January of our masterplan-creation tool… 


Keep your focus by… Using apps like Flipd to limit your phone use




One of the primary distractions we all suffer is the ever-pinging mobile phone, and the constant stream of notifications that just have to be dealt with immediately. Flipd is a brilliant app which helps you avoid distractions by making sure your phone is “flipped off” and can’t receive notifications.


Here’s what they say:

“Flipd is the simplest and most effective distraction blocker that prevents you from getting off task so that you can focus on what matters. Backed by research, Flipd is proven to help you stay focused, improve your attention, and increase productivity. Stay connected and remove distractions with Flipd.”


And here’s what they do:

FLIPD: Stay on task
• Challenge yourself to unplug while you work
• Flipd will remind you to stay on task
• Motivate yourself by tracking the time you’ve saved
• Schedule reminders for whenever you need to Flip Off
• Use the Full Lock to stay out of distracting apps and games
• Join groups in the Flipd Community to challenge your friends


If you find it hard to stop yourself from checking your phone, believe me, Flipd is for you. Use it in conjunction with Study Rocket’s structural and organisational tools to make sure that that any time you spend studying is the most productive it can be.


We hope that helped! If you want to read more about why we struggle to focus when we’re working, and the history and science behind poor focus, try this post for more insights. 

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