How to revise for… Science subjects

by Maud Millar on November 16, 2018

This week on the Study Rocket Blog, we’re helping you with some practical tips about how to revise, and what to revise, for maximum marks in various subjects. Earlier in the week, we gave you some tips for essay subjects and languages, and now we’re talking about Science. Happy revising!


How to Revise for… Chemistry!

The Periodic Table

  • Know what the groups and periods mean.
  • Know the difference between atomic number and atomic mass.
  • Know the relative mass and charge of the three sub-atomic particles (protons, neutrons and electrons).
  • Know what bonding happens between different types of molecules (metal-metal: metallic bonding, metal-nonmetal: ionic bonding, nonmetal-nonmetal: covalent bonding).
  • Know how groups and periods affect reactivity, and why.


  • Learn the tests for different common gases (Oxygen, chlorine, carbon dioxide and hydrogen)
  • Learn the flame tests for different ions.


  • Know how to name organic molecules
  • Know the difference between: element, molecule, particle, atom.
  • Understand the terms: concentration, volume and mole.
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How to Revise for… Biology!


  • Know the name and function of all organelles within animal, plant and bacteria cells.
  • Understand what the terms ‘cell specialisation’ and ‘cell differentiation’ mean.
  • Understand what is meant by the terms: ‘adaptation’, ’selective breeding’, ’survival of the fittest’ and ‘evolution’.


  • Understand diffusion and osmosis.
  • Understand why a large surface area is important for life processes.
  • Understand the difference between mitosis and meiosis.

Human Biology

  • Get your head around chromosomes and chromosome replication
  • Understand the difference between aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration and photosynthesis.
  • Understand the digestive system, including the location and function of the 3 main enzymes.
  • Understand the respiratory system and that respiration is a chemical process (not breathing).
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How to Revise for… Physics!



  • ​Read through the specification​ online- it’s not just for teachers, you know.
  • Always make time during revision to complete past paper questions



  • Make sure you’re comfortable with manipulating the equations and know what they mean
  • Ensure that you keep to the ‘minute per mark’ rule for the multiple choice question
  • Learn all of the details for all the required practicals- students often lose marks in this area
  • Understand the concepts, don’t just ‘know’ them


In the exam…

  • Ensure that you keep to the ‘minute per mark’ rule for the multiple choice questions
  • Know what’s expected in your answers – look for keywords and the marks awarded for each question
  • Read the questions thoroughly to make sure you understand what they’re askin
  • Make sure you’re disciplined with your time, and leave time at the end to go back over everything you’ve done. Wouldn’t want to accidentally skip a page
  • And always double or triple Check Your Answer!

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We hope that helped! To discover a whole new, simplified way to revise, check us out at Study Rocket or listen to us on our Revision Tips & Stress Management podcast, The Space Station.


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