Procrastinate no more! Tips from @thisgirlstudies19 *Guest Blog*

by Maud Millar on November 26, 2018

This week on the blog, we’re giving you the treat of a full week of guest blogs from our incredible Instagram Ambassadors. All three of the ambassadors writing for us are study influencers with huge followings for their top-quality study tips and their inspirational levels of motivation.

They’re all going to be writing for us on how not to procrastinate, and will spend this entire week giving out their best tips on how to procrastinate no more, and actually get started with work…

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “Procrastinate” as “to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. Eg: I know I’ve got to deal with the problem at some point – I’m just procrastinating.”

We start off with @thisgirlstudies19, otherwise known as Maddy. Over to you!


Procrastinate no more

Procrastination is a major problem when it comes to studying. The thought of having to pick up the book, make notes, and try to complete your task the best you can is a struggle that everybody will one day have. Although you fight hard to overcome procrastination, it’s really hard to keep focus when all you want to do is go on youtube, or scroll through social media, and you just find yourself putting down that pen or closing that book and giving up. But there are plenty of ways to overcome procrastination, you just have to have the right mindset and you’ll be fine.

Before we think of ways to overcome procrastination, we need to know what it actually is. Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. Whether that be an essay you have to write, and you maybe leave it till the last minute, or even if it’s organising your study time, and you wait till the day before all your classes start. Everybody has probably postponed something (even if it was just once), and a big factor of this is procrastination. Maybe there’s something better that you want to do, like going to the cinema with your friends, or going shopping to buy something nice, but you can still do all this as well as your other tasks. It’s just about managing your time more than anything.





Time makes a massive difference to completing all of your tasks. If you have a good sense  of organisation, you can easily fit all of you studying around fun things, like going to the cinema with your friends, even if these things crop up last minute. Making lists of the things you need to do that day and giving them time limits (for example, trying to complete your essay in under than two hours), can help you to procrastinate less and work more.

Another way to try and beat procrastination is by starting your study session easy, with basic content. Don’t challenge yourself too hard at first, because you might have a breakdown of all of the content you have to cover, and might get into a flap, which might make you not want to study for the rest of that hour, or the rest of that day. Breaking the content down will also help you, because then you can focus on specific topic areas of the subject, rather than spending the whole of your study hour procrastinating on which part of the subject you want to revise.

A big part of procrastination are the things that distract you. Social media is a massive part of this, and if you are someone who likes to look at their phone every minute, maybe try to put your phone away until you have a break. Or, if you prefer to have your phone with you, certain apps which are designed specifically for studying can be a really big help. Apps like Forest or Flipd are really good, because they show you how much time you have spent studying and also disable certain apps (if you give them permission to), which can stop you looking at notifications on instagram or facebook, because the apps will be disabled!

Procrastination is something that everybody faces, and this can come at the best of times and at the worst of times. It’s just dealing with it in the best ways that you can that will help you to reduce it as much as possible and help you to deal with it.


We hope that helped! For more tips on avoiding procrastination, we wrote on focus here earlier this month. If you’re looking for a new way to study which takes you all the way from start to finish with your revision, gives you a place to store everything and shows you an actual method to ensure the most effective revision, sign up to Study Rocket!

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