How to Quit Procrastinating: Tips from @study_rach *Guest Blog*

by Maud Millar on November 28, 2018

This week on the blog it’s Guest Week, where our Instagram Ambassadors will be using their Study Influencer skills to give you their top tips on reducing procrastination. Today, we hear from Rachel, or @study_rach as she is known on Instagram, with how she thinks you can quit procrastinating…


Quit Procrastinating

Hey guys. I’m Rachel, an ambassador for Study Rocket, and I’m going to talk about a topic that most of you will have had to deal with over your course of revision – procrastination. I’m in year 11 studying for my GCSEs commencing in the summer of 2019, and I know that procrastination is such a hard battle to overcome, so I thought I could help with some advice.

It may sound obvious, but block out any distractions such as your phone, laptop or any games you may be tempted to use. If you find listening to music helps with your revision or having your phone nearby, try an app which blocks the use of any apps. Some of these apps time how long you have been revising for without using any of the apps on your device, and you receive different rewards depending on how long you’ve been revising for.

Don’t revise for hours at a time. Everyone needs a break from time to time. You could try the pomodoro technique. This is where you do work for a set amount of time such as 25 minutes, then have a break for 5 minutes. This is then repeated. Studies have found that the brain retains more information in little chucks rather than one big chunk at a time. Better efficiency in your revision methods like this means you can work for a less amount of time and retain just as much knowledge.




You could also go to your local library. I’ve found going to places where you are surrounded by other working people makes you feel the need to revise. In the library, it’s silent and you can focus on your revision. Make sure you have breaks when you need them though, and make the most of them. You could also use a planner to plan your revision, and reward yourself when you stick to it. Maybe just write yourself a quick to-do list to organise yourself.

But ultimately, you can use StudyRocket! It can help prevent procrastination through implementing the pomodoro technique, where you can set how long you want to revise for and what you want to learn in the most efficient way possible. It reduces stress and you feel more motivated to revise.

Hope that helps, you may have heard some of it before but it all really does work. I’m in the process of revising for my upcoming mock exams and I find they all help me deal with procrastination. Find the best ways of dealing with it for you by trying them out. Read the other blogs from other ambassadors and eventually, you will find the ones that suit you the best 🙂


Happy revising!! For more tips on avoiding procrastination, here‘s our piece on focus and here’s another guest blog on the same topic.  For more good resources on procrastination, try this blog.

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