Student problems, student problems everywhere…

by Maud Millar on October 23, 2018

Our post today on Student Problems is guest-written by our two A-Level student stars, Riaz and Momin.


What are the student problems we face?


Well, for me, I’m constantly whizzing around the endless loop of where I’m going to end up in the future. Doctor? Lawyer? YouTube star of the future? (Just kidding)


The pressure put on by my teachers to efficiently allocate my time as a student to get As and A*s is as stressful as it gets, and one of the most serious student problems. Especially when you don’t really understand the roadmap of how you get to the exams. I mean, I can handle the homework given to my from teachers with ease; whatever I learn in a day, I slap down on a piece of a paper and that’s it.


However, one of the huge student problems we all face is all the extra-curricular revision we have to come up with ourselves. It’s totally foreign to me, especially after years of being told exactly what to do by teachers. Out of all the revision techniques, how am I supposed to know what’s best suited for me? And how do I sort out from the vast array of topics what’s worth studying from what’s totally pointless? Serious student problems. I mean, it feels like all the teachers and examiners have a secret code that they understand, and it shapes the way they teach, but not the way we learn. Why can’t we be let in on the secret?


Another one of the biggest student problems is the way that teachers seems to teach for them rather than for us. Added to the issue I mentioned before of the lack of clarity around exams, most of the time even classwork and the way teachers choose to teach is purely based on the teacher’s preferences. If the teacher is a visual learner, we will all be categorised as visual learners. If they’re note-takers, we all have to be note-takers too. Teachers try and try every day to accommodate us but, let’s face it, it’s inevitable that teachers cannot take every student’s preferences into account, which leads to huge student problems.


Student problems



This is the fundamental flaw of teaching, but it can’t be helped.


We’ll have to find an alternative.


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