What does Study Rocket do?

A learning environment which enables you to get more out of your study time.

The right content

Study Rocket’s courses are like a digital revision guide. Written by specialist academics, with enough depth to stretch to the A* and for your specific exam board, you can be sure you’re learning what you should be.

Exam specific revision notes

Engaging animated revision videos

Past paper questions & essays

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The best environment

Study Rocket’s learning environment has been built to optimise your studying. We don’t just give you content, we create a productive, procrastination-free experience to get results from your study time.

Keep track of your active study time

Automatic break scheduling and rewards

Clean, simple and content-focused interface

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The top techniques

Studying and preparing for exams should be about learning, not revision techniques. That’s why we use the best tools, tricks and methods to help you understand and retain the content.

Highlight key words & sentences

Build your revision notes as you study

Strategically placed quizzes and assessments

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Not an A-level or GCSE student?

We’ve got something big in store for you…

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Seamless lesson integration

Built for simplicity, there’s no faff when you want to use
Study Rocket in your lessons. All your students need is a
computer and a login, we take care of the rest.

Increase engagement

Clarify key topics with our content and exercises

Log on, use your unique discount code and study

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Proactive outside the classroom

By making revision simple, systematic, engaging and
enjoyable, students will go that extra mile outside of
class and come in to lessons better informed. Allowing
you to focus on the important aspects.

Encourage students to self-study

Boost inquisitiveness and engagement in lessons

Cover the syllabus content quickly and thoroughly

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Resources that go the extra mile

Textbooks are boring. You don’t need to be a student to
admit that. Think of Study Rocket as an enjoyable,
interactive textbook. Plus some awesome features.

Exam-based content & animated videos

Exam technique tips & past-paper exercises

Instant answer feedback (that’s right, no marking!)

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Study Rocket is the first study tool to put the student first.

Through cutting-edge, clean user experiences and precise subject content we have
engineered a learning environment for students to make their study time effective.

Synthesising student insight, academic data and behavioural science, we’ve created a
place where students want to, and do, get stuff done.

1 Increase the effectiveness of study time

When students replace traditional revision and classroom self-study techniques for
Study Rocket they are instantly more productive. By taking care of the ‘methods’
learning, students can focus on the learning.

2 Boost student motivation and engagement

We’ve spoken to thousands of students to see what they feel is their biggest problem
when it comes to studying. Unsurprisingly, the biggest issue was a lack of motivation.
We’ve designed Study Rocket’s interface and gamification of studying to change that.

3 Resources which enable students to attain higher grades through their own merit

Revision guides will only provide students with content that stretches to a C grade.
We enable every student to reach for the top grades by not just providing high level
content, but all the techniques they need to learn it.

Start engaging your pupils

With the first student-centric study resource.

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