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Preparing for exams is a four step process

We make sure you’re covered on all of them.


Understanding your subject.

Clear, concise content

All our study notes, assessment questions, video scripts and exam tips are written by specialist academics with first hand experience teaching your exam board specification.

Animated videos and graphics

Our designers have created engaging videos and graphics to explain trickier topics. No more teacher videos or PowerPoint presentations.


Remembering everything you’ve learnt.

Paraphrasing software

At the end of each unit we’ll ask you to paraphrase what you’ve just read. Our input software will check you've understood everything before you can move on.

Downloadable resources

Every course comes loaded with a full exam-specific revision guide and question booklet for your additional reading and memorising.

Stay motivated

``I love revision!`` — Study Rocket user.

Anti-procrastination tool

Procrastination? No more. The Study Rocket tool progresses along your screen while you study, measuring your active study time to prompt breaks and keep you engaged.

Time utilisation

Our 15 minute work sessions and mobile friendly site mean you can make the most of every second you have to study, both on the go or at home.


Knowing how to use what you’ve learnt, and memorised, in the exam.

Smart exam questions

Our courses are loaded with specific past-paper questions and our answer software tells you how you’re doing, instantly.

Exam technique tips

Smashing your exams is as much about how you answer as it is what you answer. So we guide you through the top exam tips specific to your course to make sure you’re nailing your technique.

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