What's changed?

We're changing our focus

What’s changed?
At Study Rocket, we’ve decided to make all of our content totally free for everyone to use, forever. The site will now stay as it is and be open for anyone to use. Instead, the team are now focusing fully on building the amazing revision timetable app — Adapt.
What is Adapt?
Adapt is a dynamic A-level & GCSE revision timetable app that makes your plan for you. Having been designing Adapt since January, we’re currently building the app over the summer, launching a Beta in September and becoming open to you all in January.
We believe the real problem we can solve for students isn’t content (you already have tons of that) but disorganisation. After all, how many of you plan your revision on paper or a normal calendar only to find out you can’t stick to it?

We’re super excited about Adapt, and we want you all to be a part of the journey, too.

You can get the Adapt app here →

Much love.

James Terry, CEO & Founder of Adapt

CEO & Founder