Elizabethan Education

Elizabethan Education

For the exam you need to know the basic features of Elizabethan education. They are as follows:

Nobility: Children of nobility learned a variety of subjects, such as Latin, Greek, and History. They also learnt music, dancing, horse riding archery, fencing, swimming, wrestling and other sports. Children would then be sent to another noble household to finish their education.

Grammar schools: They were designed for boys who were intelligent and came from well off families. Fees were paid to attend. The school day was long and focused on a variety of subjects.

Petty schools: Petty schools were set up and run in a teacher’s house. They cost a lot of money and the main focus was on reading, writing and maths.

Schools for girls: Girls didn’t often go to school, but if they did they would attend a Dame school. Women were never expected to do anything, only to learn skills that would make them a better wife.

__Punishments: __Punishments were as follows: exclusion, break time being lost, corporal punishment, being on report and expulsion.

Elizabethan Education, figure 1

Who went to a Dame school?
Girls learned archery at school, true or false?
What was the main focus on at a petty school: reading, writing and...?