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Episode Thirteen: Finn Simms on Stress

by Maud Millar on January 22, 2019

Today Maud and young Film Producer and Entrepreneur Finn Simms discuss the struggles of stress.   Finn is a video producer for Akkroo, London, and a member of the Class of 2019 at the New Entrepreneurs’ Foundation. Finn is currently creating a way for people to charge their devices with up-cycled batteries, and says that in his […]

Episode Eleven: Shaan Bassi on Stress

by Maud Millar on January 17, 2019

In this week’s interview, Maud meets Entrepreneur Shaan Bassi to discuss how he handles stress.   Shaan graduated from Imperial College in 2018 with a degree in Biotechnology. He is now Entrepreneur in Residence at prestigious firm Prehype, and he is working on developing a pair of headphones that can sense your thoughts!     […]

Episode Seven: Julian Godding on Stress

by Maud Millar on December 19, 2018

In this episode, Maud interviews young rising AI star Julian Godding about his experiences with stress.   Julian is Business Manager at Drax Group PLC, working on projects around energy and Artificial Intelligence. He graduated from the University of Oxford in 2018 with a Master’s degree in Chemistry, and is now a member of the New […]

Motivation… how do I find it when I’m SO TIRED?

by Maud Millar on December 7, 2018

*alarm goes off* No. Seriously? No. It’s not morning. Go away clock. Go away. Why is this happening I am so tired. I AM SO TIRED. OH GOD WHY AM I SO TIRED. … Right, better get to it.   “Every Morning Ever”, a short dramatic monologue by Maud Millar.      So you’re too […]

Motivation- how do I find it when I’m so stressed?

by Maud Millar on December 3, 2018

Motivation is a hard thing to find, especially when you start to feel overwhelmed. There are two kinds of people in the world; those who can’t find any motivation until the last possible minute (and so procrastinate) and those who feel desperate to work much earlier but who freeze and fail to do the work […]

Episode Five: Ammar Mulla on Stress

by Maud Millar on November 27, 2018

This week on The Space Station from Study Rocket, we have as our guest Ammar Mulla, a young Computer Scientist and entrepreneur. Ammar graduated from the University of Loughborough and is now a member of the New Entrepreneurs’ Foundation’s Class of 2019. Check out his biog, and the biogs of all the other bright young […]

Anxiety- and how it can actually benefit you

by Maud Millar on November 23, 2018

I’ve said before on this blog that I’m a naturally anxious person. Most people who live with anxiety talk about “living with” anxiety, like it’s a cross to bear. And, sure, sometimes it makes it hard to drift off at night. A lot of days I walk around convinced I’m dying of some invisible disease. […]

Anxiety- what is it, and do I have it?

by Maud Millar on November 21, 2018

This week on the blog we’re talking about anxiety. Its symptoms can be tricky to notice because they often develop slowly over time and, given every single one of us experiences it at some point in our lives, it can be hard to know how much is too much. Normal anxiety tends to be a […]

Episode Four: Maud and Millie talk Anxiety

by Maud Millar on November 20, 2018

This week on The Space Station, Maud and Millie answer your questions about anxiety. From contemplating the question of what exam anxiety is to giving concrete tips to studying without anxiety, The Space Station has you covered.     Study Rocket. Study Happy.   For more tips on handling anxiety, check out this week’s blog […]

Anxiety- and how to stop it in its tracks…

by Maud Millar on November 19, 2018

Anxiety. It’s a thing we all struggle with from time to time. In some ways, anxiety can be productive, even useful. For example, when we need to get ourselves hyped up to handle a difficult situation or to concentrate fully on a problem. However, anxiety becomes a problem when it becomes too common. In some […]

Episode Three: Ian Thornton-Trump on Stress

by Maud Millar on November 13, 2018

This week on the podcast we talk to Ian Thornton-Trump, Head of Cyber-Security for AmTrust (and an all-round legend) about his experiences with stress both as a teenager and now.   Hailing from Canada originally, he lets us in on all the ways teenage stress is just as bad across the pond and gives us some […]

Episode One: CEO James Terry on Stress

by Maud Millar on November 12, 2018

At The Space Station, we’re all about solving stress for students, and showing you the clearest path to your life goals.   Each week we’ll be giving you an insight into the world beyond the school walls by interviewing incredible young professionals in exciting careers, who’ve gone through the same stress-related struggles you’re facing right […]

Exam Stress, and how to deal with it

by Maud Millar on November 1, 2018

So, I guess you’re here because you’re suffering from exam stress. I feel you. It’s probably to do with the impending Mocks of Dooooom- which should be hitting in around four weeks from now. (This makes perfect sense, by the way; four weeks before a big event is when The Fear kicks in.) But this […]

We need to talk about exam stress

by Maud Millar on October 29, 2018

People talk about stress a lot.   Well, when I say people, I really mean adults. (Adults, by the way, with no exam stress whatsoever.)   I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Your mum saying she’s so stressed out at work. Your dad being stressed out about your younger brother. Your parents’ friends being stressed out […]

Exercise as Stress Relief- *GUEST BLOG* by @aoifestudies

by Maud Millar on October 26, 2018

Today on the blog we have something very special for you. Aoife from @aoifestudies has taken over our channel with her brilliant and insightful thoughts on the benefits of exercise as stress relief. If any of you are feeling down, overwhelmed or stressed about your exams, this post is for you. Aoife knows her stuff, and […]

Student problems, student problems everywhere…

by Maud Millar on October 23, 2018

Our post today on Student Problems is guest-written by our two A-Level student stars, Riaz and Momin.   What are the student problems we face?   Well, for me, I’m constantly whizzing around the endless loop of where I’m going to end up in the future. Doctor? Lawyer? YouTube star of the future? (Just kidding) […]

How to keep your focus when studying

by Maud Millar on October 16, 2018

Focus!!   Ah, the age-old problem.   Yes, I know I’m meant to study. Yes, I know I should be able to do it for a long time. But how?     Is it just me?   A lot of people worry that they just don’t have good concentration skills, that it’s something inherent in them […]