Ideologies Behind Radicalisation

Three Stages of Radicalisation

The NAZI regime could not act just as it wished in its first years of power. If there were three phases in the development of the NAZI regime. One: the legal revolution. This was when Hitler depending on political Allies and consolidated his power by legal means. Two: creating the New Germany. By 1934 the NAZI regime was secure, but Hitler was still worried about public opinion. He avoided confronting powerful groups like the Armenian churches and knew that Germany was not yet ready for war. Three: the radicalization of the state. By the end of 1937 and the NAZI regime was far stronger than it was in 1933. The economy had recovered, the SS were in complete control and hit the felt that Germany was ready for war. Hitler took control of the army and let loose radical persecution of his racial enemies.

Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism was a theory that was widely discussed in 19th century Europe. Darwin’s Scientific principles of natural biological selection were adapted to rather and scientific theories about human society in order to justify editor of racial superiority and the theory of eugenics. It was something that justified European imperialism, but hit the use these in his NAZI ideology. He viewed humanity as consisting of a hierarchy of races where the Jews, black people and the Slavs were inferior. Hitler believed it was the destiny of the Aryan some all over the inferior races as he saw Jews as a deadly threat to the German Volk they had to be eliminated.


The concept of the Volksgemeinschaft or the people’s community was not inclusive of all people living in Germany. The concept of the national community was twisted by anti-Semitism and racial thinking. To qualify as a member it was essential to be a true German, both in terms of loyalty and racial purity. The best way of defining the Volk came to identify the racial enemies to be excluded from it rather than people that naturally belonged to it. Membership of the Volk was reserved for those of Aryan race, those that were genetically healthy, socially efficient and politically reliable.


The NAZI idea of lebensraum or living space was another example of an ideological concepts being tested by anti-Semitism. It was not new or originated by Hitler and Nazis’, it had been proposed in the late 19th century for opening up space to the expanding populations of the superior white race. In Germany there was widespread support for the idea that the country was already overpopulated and farmers needed more land. Many argue that Germany’s destiny lay in the east conquering the supposedly inferior slav peoples of Poland and former Russian empire to gain access to fertile farmland and more materials. Lebensraum would provide a battleground for a war of racial annihilation, wiping out the inferior slav races and smashing bolshevism in Russia.

What is Social Darwinism?
Your answer should include: Idea / Races / Better / Others / Darwin / Natural Selection
Explanation: The idea that certain races were better than others - misusing Darwin’s principles of natural selection.
What was the Volksgemeinschaft?
Your answer should include: People's / Community
What was Lebensraum?
Your answer should include: Living Space / East / Battleground / Racial Annihilation / Slavic Races / Bolshevism / Russia
Explanation: Living space - going East to provide a battleground for a war of racial annihilation, wiping out the inferior slav races and smashing bolshevism in Russia.