Factors influencing food choice (health, social, economic, environmental, technological)

Factors influencing food choice (health, social, economic, environmental, technological)

Factors Influencing Food Choice

Health Factors

  • Understand that health factors, including dietary requirements and food intolerances, can significantly influence food choice.
  • Recognise that individuals with certain health conditions may follow specialist diets, for example, a low-sodium diet for those with hypertension.
  • Note that lifestyle choices, such as following a vegan or low-carb diet, can also affect food selections.

Social Factors

  • Acknowledge that social factors play a role in determining food choices, including cultural and religious norms.
  • Be aware that the types of food we choose to consume can be influenced by our social groups and peer pressure.
  • Understand the impacts of traditions and customs, which may dictate specific food choices during certain events or holidays.

Economic Factors

  • Commit to memory that economic factors, such as income and affordability, directly impact food choices.
  • Recognize that budget constraints can often lead to the selection of cheaper, potentially less healthy food options.
  • Understand that access to certain food items may be limited depending on one’s geographic location, affecting the dietary choices available to them.

Environmental Factors

  • Remember that environmental factors involve the awareness and concerns about the environmental impacts of food production.
  • Understand how ethical sourcing, concerns about sustainability, and animal welfare can influence food choices.
  • Be conscious of the rise in popularity of locally sourced and organic food, driven by consumers’ increasing concerns about the environment.

Technological Factors

  • Recognise that technological factors such as food innovations, online delivery services, and food tracking apps can shape consumer food choices.
  • Understand that the convenience provided by technology often drives food choices, such as the preference for ready meals.
  • Note that the internet can influence dietary choices, through access to nutritional information, health trends, recipes, and dietary advice.