Personal and social life

Vocabulary and Phrases for Personal and Social Life

  • મિત્ર (Mitr) - Friend
  • કુટુંબ (Kutumb) - Family
  • શાળા/કોલેજ (Shala/College) - School/College
  • પાર્ટી (Party) - Party
  • રજૂ કરવું (Raju karvu) - To invite
  • ભેટાપ કરવું (Bhetap karvu) - To meet

Common Sentences for Personal and Social Life

  • હું મારા મિત્રો સાથે પાર્ટીમાં જઈશ. (Hun mara mitro sāthe pārṭīmāṁ jaīś) - I will go to the party with my friends.
  • મારી બહેન કોલેજ માં અધ્યયન કરે છે. (Mārī bahēn kolēj māṁ adhyayan karē chē) - My sister studies in college.
  • મારી માતાજી મને બે વાગ્યો સુધી ઘરે આવવાનું આદેશ આપી છે. (Mārī mātājī manē bē vāgyō sudhī gharē āvavānuṁ ādēś āpī chē.) - My mother has instructed me to come home by two o’clock.

Understanding Context Personal and Social Life

The context of personal and social life in Gujarati readings can encompass a variety of topics like family (કુટુંબ), education (શિક્ષણ), social gatherings (સમાજ ભેટી), and routine activities (નિયમિત ક્રિયાઓ).

For instance, if a text discusses a party, it might include inviting friends (મિત્રોને રજૂ કરવું), preparing for the event (ઘટનાની તૈયારી કરવી), or sharing experiences about the party (પાર્ટી વિશેનું અનુભવ શેર કરવું).

The text may use different tenses to express various events. For example, past tense for events that have already happened, present tense for ongoing activities, and future tense for upcoming events or plans. The ability to recognise and understand these tenses is critical to comprehend the overall message of the reading.

An effective approach to mastering the subject is to relentlessly practice translating articles or texts from English to Gujarati and vice versa. This can help you become familiar with a wide array of vocabulary and phrases pertaining to personal and social life. Take advantage of Gujarati-English dictionaries, trusted online resources, and apps to cross-verify your translations. This consistent practice can be pivotal in paving your path towards acing the Reading part of your Gujarati exam.