The world of work

The world of work

Gujarati Vocabulary for Various Professions

  • ડૉક્ટર (Doktor) - Doctor
  • અભિયંતા (Abhiyanta) - Engineer
  • શિક્ષક (Shikshak) - Teacher
  • વકીલ (Vakil) - Lawyer
  • માહિતી તકનીકી (Mahiti takniki) - IT Technician

Common Terms within the Workplace

  • કચેરી (Kachērī) - Office
  • મેળાવી (Mēlāvī) - Meeting
  • સંગઠન (Sangathan) - Organisation
  • પગાર (Pagar) - Salary
  • પ્રશિક્ષણ (Prashikshan) - Training

Regular Sentences in a Workplace Scenario

  • મારું પેશા ડૉક્ટર છે. (Maru pēshā dōktar chē) - I am a doctor by profession.
  • હું દર રોજ બે વાગ્યે કચેરીમાં જાઉં છુ. (Hun dar rōj bē vāgyē kachērīmāń jāuṁ chu) - I go to the office every day at 2 o’clock.

Reading Context in Workplace Scenarios

Understand the context of the scenario in hand. If the text revolves around a first job interview, terms like ‘interview’ (મુલાકાત), ‘nervous’ (ઘબરાયેલું), or ‘resume’ (રેઝુમે) could dominate. For text dealing with daily work at an office, phrases related to work allocation (કામ ફાળવવું), deadlines (મુદતી સમય), or meetings (મેળાવીઓ) might be common.

Recognising the correct tense and understanding whether an event has happened, is happening or will happen is crucial as well.

The key to mastering these elements is regular translation practice. Pick different texts involving work-related situations from English to Gujarati for translating. You can check your work with a proficient Gujarati speaker or use reference books/apps to improve your understanding and fluency.