AS Grammar: Conjunctions

AS Grammar: Conjunctions

Grammar: Conjunctions

What are Conjunctions?

  • Conjunctions, also called linking words or connectors, are used to link words, phrases or clauses in a sentence.
  • They provide context or relationships between elements in sentences.

Coordinating Conjunctions

  • Coordinating conjunctions equalise the importance of the clauses they connect.
  • In German these include words like aber (but), und (and), oder (or), sondern (but rather), and denn (because).
  • Unlike subordinating conjunctions, coordinating conjunctions do not change the word order. The verb remains in second position.

Subordinating Conjunctions

  • Subordinating conjunctions make one clause reliant on another, and thus change the word order. The verb in the dependent clause is moved to the end of that clause.
  • German examples include weil (because), obwohl (although), wenn (if/when), dass (that), nachdem (after), and bevor (before).
  • Important rule: subordinating conjunctions shift the verb to the end of the clause.

Example Sentences:

  • An example with a coordinating conjunction: “Ich spiele gern Fußball, aber ich laufe nicht gern” - (I like to play football, but I don’t like to run).
  • An example with a subordinating conjunction: “Ich gehe ins Kino, weil ich den neuen Film sehen will” - (I’m going to the cinema because I want to see the new movie).

Two-Part Conjunctions

  • German has two-part conjunctions like entweder… oder (either … or), nicht nur… sondern auch (not only … but also), and sowohl… als auch (both … and).
  • They add extra information or conditions to the sentence: “Er kann entweder das Buch lesen oder das Video anschauen.” (He can either read the book or watch the video).

Learning conjunctions and understanding the shift in verb positions when using them can greatly improve your German writing and speaking skills. Practice creating sentences using different conjunctions to make your speech more fluid and coherent. Don’t forget that practice is the key! Happy revision!