Works: Chosen Literary Text 2 / Film

Works: Chosen Literary Text 2 / Film

Section 1: Familiarisation with the Work

  • Understand the type of work (film or literary text) you are studying.
  • Know the creator (director or author) of the selected work and have an appreciation of their other works.
  • Delve into the context in which the work was created and first rose to prominence.

Section 2: Comprehensive Overview

  • Comprehend the narrative, its progression and climax.
  • Identify the key characters in the work and understand their motivations, and transformations throughout.
  • Take note of important scenes or episodes and their significance in the overarching narrative.

Section 3: Detailed Analysis

  • Focus on the detailing and word choice, including the use of dialogues in a film or stylistic choices in a literary text.
  • Distinguish the various narrative techniques utilised by the author or director, including the use of perspective, narration, and temporal shifts.
  • Critically assess the use of symbolism and imagery in the work and its impact on the overarching themes.

Section 4: Theme Exploration

  • Recognise the major themes presented in the work and how they are treated and conveyed.
  • Understand the role of cultural context in shaping these themes.
  • Examine the moral and ethical considerations portrayed throughout the work.

Section 5: Interpretation and Response

  • Explore how audiences or readers have responded to the work initially and over time.
  • Identify differing interpretations and possible controversies surrounding the work.
  • Formulate your own opinions and defend these perspectives by referencing the work.

Section 6: Summary and Reflection

  • Recall the major plot points, key themes, and character developments.
  • Contemplate on the impact of the work on its initial audience and its relevance in today’s context.
  • Consolidate your understanding of the work, linking different elements such as themes, character development, analysis, and wider responses.