Works: Chosen Literary Text 1

Works: Chosen Literary Text 1

Section 1: Introduction to the Text

  • Develop familiarity with the chosen literary work, its author, and the context in which it was written.
  • Understand the main themes of the text and explore how they are presented by the author.
  • Recognise the key characters and their roles in the story, their relationships, motivations, and the changes they undergo throughout the text.

Section 2: Contextual Understanding

  • Research the historical and cultural context in which the novel was written and its impact on the story.
  • Assess the author’s background and how it could have influenced the writing of the work.
  • Understand the genre of the work and how this affects the style of writing and the narrative.

Section 3: Analysis of the Text

  • Practice close reading of chosen sections of the text to understand the use of language, stylistic devices, and structure.
  • Analyse characters’ development and their impact on the story.
  • Evaluate the narrative techniques and structural devices used by the author and their effectiveness.

Section 4: Themes and Symbolism

  • Identify the major themes present in the work and how they are explored.
  • Understand the symbolism used in the book, its meanings and implications.
  • Discuss the ethical and moral implications of the themes and decisions of the characters.

Section 5: Critical Reception and Interpretation

  • Familiarise yourself with the critical reception of the book at its time of publication and in contemporary criticism.
  • Understand different interpretations of the work and the controversies, if any, surrounding it.
  • Formulate your own informed opinions and arguments about the text.

Section 6: Summary and Conclusions

  • Summarise the novel’s plot, key themes, and the roles of major characters.
  • Reflect on the significance of the literary work in its contemporary and current context.
  • Develop a cohesive overview of the text, linking all aspects from theme and character analysis to contextual understanding and critical reception.