Falklands War

Causes of the War

Argentina was ruled by the army and were having severe economic problems. Their leader felt that what the country needed was a short, successful war to win them over, something like getting the Falkland Islands back from the British. In 1982, 12,000 troops arrived in the Falklands and they quickly took control.

Falklands War, figure 1

Events of the War

British Prime Minister at the time, Margaret Thatcher, responded saying that she wouldn’t accept this invasion, and her plan to defend the islands was backed by most politicians. Over 100 ships and 28,000 troops went to the islands and put in an exclusion around them meaning they would open fire at any vessels inside it. This was the outbreak of war over the Falklands and this lasted 2 months.

Consequences of the War

The British lost about 225 troops and the Argentinians lost around 800, and as always, the war came at a cost. However, it made the Prime Minister hugely popular and led to her re-election. It also improved relations with the USA. As well as being ‘popular’, the war led to an increased feeling of patriotism in the UK who were proud that they had defended one of their last colonies. There were positive changes in Argentina as the president was forced to resign and a more democratic leader took control. Today, there is still dispute between the two countries over the islands, and it is still commemorated as a British success in England.

What were the causes of the Falklands war?
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