Scramble for Africa

Scramble for Africa

The British Government, like the rest of the major European powers want to fight for a ‘place in the sun’ and wanted to secure their interests in Africa. To start with Britain supported gold and diamond mining in Southern Africa, but after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, British expansion in Africa rapidly increased. The east coast of Africa was secured to protect shipping and commerce with India but it did not take long for Britain to begin claiming territory across the whole of Africa.

Countries Involved

Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Holland were all involved in colonising Africa. They had the same mindsets in what they wanted to gain, and how they felt they had a right to do so. In 1885, the Berlin Conference was held between all the major European countries on how to avoid violent competition in Africa between themselves.

What Factors Contributed

There were number of factors involved. New Ideas led to Europeans thinking that they had a right and a duty to colonise the areas to educate them and make them more civilised. They believed the African states had no culture or history (because they were different to the White Western ideas). There were economic factors involved as Europe felt that they had much to gain from colonising parts of Africa and new technology helped the countries take over, win wars, and exploit resources.

What was the Scramble for Africa?
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What factors were involved in the Scramble for Africa?
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Who were the main European powers?
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