Developing a graphic design proposal (presentation, explanation, justification)

Developing a graphic design proposal (presentation, explanation, justification)

Understanding the Brief

  • A deep understanding of the design brief is crucial for developing an effective proposal. This includes the purpose, target audience, overall look and feel, and any specific requirements the client may have.
  • Use your understanding of the brief to generate a clear design problem statement. This statement will act as the guiding light for your proposal.

Proposal Structure

  • Clearly structure the proposal to provide a comprehensive view of your design solution. Include sections like background, problem statement, design concept, justifications, and implementation process.
  • Remember the proposal is not just about your final design solution, but also the thought process and steps you took to get there.

Design Concept

  • Clearly articulate your design concept. This is more than just what the design looks like, it includes how and why it operates in the way it does.
  • Briefly describe each design element and its role within the overall design. Explain how they all work together to create a cohesive solution.


  • Justify each decision by linking it back to the design brief and the identified design problem. Don’t assume that the rationale behind your choices is self-evident.
  • Use a balance of design theory and client-related context to back up your justifications.
  • Show how your design solution addresses the requirements of the brief and solves the identified problem in an effective and innovative way.

Implementation Process

  • Provide a detailed outline of how your design will be brought to life. Include the tools and processes you will use, the timeline, and the resources required.
  • Be realistic about the implementation process keeping in mind feasibility, time, and budget constraints.


  • Your proposal should not only be informative but also engaging. Use compelling visuals and clear language to communicate your ideas effectively.
  • Take time to practice your presentation and be prepared for any questions or feedback. Remember you are not just selling a design, but your design thinking and problem-solving abilities.