Equipment and tools

Essential Equipment and Tools

Hand Tools

  • Socket Set: Used for fastening and loosening bolts and nuts.

  • Screwdrivers: Various types and sizes are needed for different screws and bolts.

  • Pliers: Necessary for gripping, bending, and cutting purposes.

  • Hammer: Used for knocking out dents or fitting parts together.

  • Chisel: Helps in removing stubborn parts or reshaping metals.

  • Files: Used to smooth rough edges or remove excess metal.

  • Tape Measure and Calipers: Essential for taking accurate measurements.

Power Tools

  • Electric Drill: Drills holes in different materials and can be used with different attachments.

  • Angle Grinder: Cuts and grinds metal using a rotating disc.

  • Orbital Sander: Used for smoothing surfaces and removing paint or rust.

  • Heat Gun: Provides high heat for tasks such as paint removal or bending plastic.

Air Tools

  • Air Compressor: Powers air tools and sprays paint evenly over surfaces.

  • Air Wrench: Ideal for quick and effective removal of bolts and nuts.

  • Air Hammer: Efficient in removing dents and shaping metal.

  • Pneumatic Sander: Makes the task of sanding surfaces quicker and less laborious.

Specialised Tools

  • Body Filler Spreaders: Used for applying filler evenly to repair dents and scratches.

  • Paint Thickness Gauge: Detects previous paint jobs and filler underneath paint layers.

  • Vehicle Lift: Allows for easy access to the underside of the vehicle.

  • Frame Straightening Machine: Applies force to correct bends or twists in the vehicle frame.

Remember, knowing the function and proper use of each tool is crucial for efficient and safe vehicle body repair. Always handle tools with care and keep your workspace tidy to avoid accidents.