1. Although Linda has always loved Mickey, she is also drawn towards Edward.
  2. When Mickey leaves prison, she asks for Edward’s help to get a new house and a job for Mickey.
  3. She has always been the one who ‘rescues’ Mickey and she continues to do so by encouraging him to fight his addiction and depression.
  4. Edward does not need her help, but instead is able to help her to provide her family with a home and an income.
  5. After this, she and Edward begin an affair.


  1. Linda and Mickey (and also Edward) play together as children. Both are part of the large group of working class children who play in the street.
  2. At the time they were children, it was common for children to play outside unsupervised for long periods of time, especially if they were working class.
  3. Confident, strong and clever, Linda is the one who thinks of interesting things to do. She is also able to beat the boys at shooting an air gun.
  4. She sticks up for Mickey when Sammy picks on him (even though she is the same age as Mickey and Sammy is bigger and physically stronger than her, too) and makes him feel better when he is upset.
  5. This role of ‘Mickey’s Protector’ carries on throughout their life together. Whenever he is upset, Linda rescues him.


  1. At the age of seven, Linda plays with both Mickey and Edward, but it is Mickey that she knows best.
  2. She goes to school with him and repeatedly says that she loves him.
  3. She is tough, tenacious and loyal, protecting him when he gets in trouble as a child and as a teenager.
  4. Edward helps to make sure that Linda and Mickey get together.
  5. When Linda gets pregnant, she and Mickey get married.
  6. Edward has feelings for Linda, but she does not seem to return them until after Mickey is imprisoned.

Key Quotes

‘Oh, leave him alone, you. Y’ big worm’

‘An’ listen, Mickey, if y’ dead, there’s no school, is there?’

‘There’s a girl inside the woman/ Who’s waiting to get free/ She’s washed a million dishes/ She’s always making tea.’

‘An what about what I need? I need you. I love you. But, Mickey, not when you’ve got them inside you. When you take those things, Mickey, I can’t even see you.’

How do Linda’s feelings for Mickey change during the play?
Your answer should include: Protective / Loyal / Loving / Impatient / Annoyed
How does Linda’s relationship with Edward change during the play?
Your answer should include: Friendship / Reliability / Attraction / Love
Why is Linda attracted to Edward?
Your answer should include: Similar / Similarities / Mickey / Protect / Protection