School/College Studies

School/College Studies

Understanding and Describing Your School/College

  • Familiarise yourself with phrases about your place of education, such as Mon lycée est grand et moderne meaning “My high school is big and modern”.
  • Use Il a followed by a description to note a specific feature, as in Il a un grand terrain de sport for “It has a large sports field”.
  • Use adjectives to describe. For example, ancien(ne) (old), moderne (modern), difficile (difficult), facile (easy), intéressant(e) (interesting).

Professors and Students

  • When discussing your professor, Mon professeur de… is a handy phrase, e.g., Mon professeur de maths est strict meaning “My math teacher is strict”.
  • Use phrases like J’ai … élèves dans ma classe to express the number of students in your class e.g., J’ai vingt élèves dans ma classe meaning “I have twenty students in my class”.

Current Classes

  • Use phrases like Je suis en train de suivre des cours de… to express currently taken classes; e.g., Je suis en train de suivre des cours de science means “I’m currently taking science classes”.
  • Remember verbs like étudier (to study), apprendre (to learn), passer un examen (to take an exam) can help describe your current studies more vividly.

Learning Experience

  • Consider phrases such as Je trouve que… (I find that…) or Je pense que… (I think that…) for expressing opinions about your learning experience.
  • Understanding how to use C’est… (It’s…) can be useful, for example, C’est difficile mais intéressant means “It’s hard but interesting”.

What You Use For Study

  • Know how to mention what you use for study with phrases such as J’utilise… (I use…), for example, J’utilise un ordinateur et des livres pour étudier means “I use a computer and books to study”.