Career Plans

Career Plans Vocabulary

  • It is vital to understand some key vocabulary around career plans, such as l’avenir (the future), les plans de carrière (career plans) and les objectifs de carrière (career goals).
  • Expanding this, try to revise words such as profession (occupation), formation (training), expérience professionnelle (work experience), études (studies), diplôme (degree) and stage en entreprise (work placement).
  • Learn key verbs including choisir (to choose), décider (to decide), prévoir (to plan), préparer (to prepare), étudier (to study) and obtenir (to obtain).

Describing Career Ambitions and Plans

  • When expressing career ambitions and plans, it’s crucial to be able to say phrases such as Dans l’avenir, je voudrais être… (In the future, I would like to be…), Mon objectif est de devenir… (My goal is to become…), and Je prévois d’étudier… (I plan to study…).
  • For more reflection over career possibilities, try Si je n’arrive pas à…, je pourrais… (If I can’t manage to…, I could…).
  • If you’re in a situation where you’re yet to decide on a definite career, phrases such as Je ne suis pas encore sûr de ce que je veux faire (I’m still not sure what I want to do), and Il y a tant de carrières intéressantes (There are so many interesting careers) might be useful.

Training and Education for Careers

  • You should be prepared to discuss the training and education needed for certain careers in French. Key sentences could include Pour être…, il/elle doit… (To be a…, he/she must…), or Il/elle a besoin d’un diplôme en… (He/She needs a degree in…).
  • Being able to express that you value the importance of work experience, using sentences such as L’expérience professionnelle est essentielle pour se faire une idée de la réalité du travail (Work experience is essential to get an idea of the reality of work) or Un stage peut offrir une perspective unique sur une profession (An internship can offer a unique perspective on a profession), can be useful.

Remember, learning this vocabulary is valuable, but utilising it in complete, conversational sentences is essential. So, don’t just memorise these words and phrases; use them in real-world situations as well. Good luck with your revision!