Study Artists and Designers


You will gain lots of GCSE ART marks by making connections between your own making, and that of other artists & designers. Crucially, as well as researching them, you need to be able to apply their style/s in the art & design you yourself make. Be an artistic sponge, and just absorb yourself in whats out there!

Useful Links:

  1. Lists artists by period of time:
  2. Lots of contemporary and modern art to select from:
  3. Masterpieces from Europe that could inspire you
  4. Links art to hundreds of different themes - this site is particularly useful if you have a theme/question in mind, or when researching for your final exam. Search for then explore the theme That links best to what you are doing, and the site suggests artists who you can refer to. It’s particularly useful as it explains the art, and shows you some reproductions too:
  5. An international treasure trove of incredible Art & Design, from the past and present - possibly the greatest in the world:


  1. Spend no more than 10 minutes browsing through art websites to select Artists/Designers linked to your topic.
  2. Create a spider diagram stating who you could refer to, and why.

Study Artists and Designers, figure 1


The next step is to select from these. To help you, look back at your first mind maps - and answer these questions, in words and sketches:

  1. Which of your ideas from last lesson, do these artists explore? Write these link ideas onto your spider diagram.
  2. Are there images or ideas that stay in your mind, when you close your eyes? If so - highlight and circle these - and note down what stands out for you about them - again - onto your spider diagram.


Art annotation doesn’t need to be an essay! All you need to do is capture your __IDEAS __- about both what you are researching, and how you might use it in your own making.

Follow the prompts on this spider diagram, to annotate what you see in your favourite artist/designer, so far…

This night sky painting looks like it was either sponge painted or sprayed. I like this technique as its abstract and atmospheric, maybe I could make my background like this? The artist Chris Ofili does this, and I could superimpose collage on top, like he does?

Study Artists and Designers, figure 1


Then follow these tasks, in sequence:

1 - First Reaction

Study Artists and Designers, figure 1

2 - Second Thoughts

Study Artists and Designers, figure 2

3 - Third Time Lucky

Study Artists and Designers, figure 3


Study Artists and Designers, figure 1

Study Artists and Designers, figure 2