Written Artist Analysis

Gut Reactions

You are going to briefly write in detail about an artist/designer - think carefully about who you choose!

Written Artist Analysis, figure 1

Written Artist Analysis, figure 2

First Reactions = Your Immediate Responses

When you first consider your theme, map out your initial reactions in a mind map - this will help to focus your attention on why you selected this theme / art object to explore in the first place!

Written Artist Analysis, figure 3

Use these prompts to start with - then add in more detail as your responses develop..

Second Thoughts

Written Artist Analysis, figure 1

These thought showers / mind maps can now evolve into a more extended piece of writing. There are detailed writing prompts to follow, that will assist you. Remember - the art examiner is more interested in your IDEAS and INTERPRETATIONS - than in a finished essay… Communicate your ideas to them.

Detailed Descriptions

Use the prompts below to assist you… Remember to sketch/photograph/illustrate what you write - and don’t focus on creating a long essay - just capture the IDEAS that interest you!

What?What is it? Explain the piece of work you are writing aboutExamples: This is an artwork by _______ made of …. This is a series of photographs she took of …. This a sample he made whilst exploring …. This is some information I gathered about … Here is a transcription I made of a painting by … This is a brainstorm I put together to …
Why?Why did they make it? Explain how this piece helps you in your own project.Examples:… to get ideas about … to get me thinking about … to show what I have learned about … to explore the idea of … to examine the shape/form/texture/colour/ of … to analyse the style of … to try out the technique of … to practice … to develop my skills in …
How?How did they make it? Explain how they created the artwork.Examples:They drew it using … They painted it with … They constructed it from … They built it up by collaging … She photographed it from real life … He painted it from a photograph … She copied it from a book called …
QualityHow Good is it? What are you impressed with? What could you suggest to improve?Examples:I am pleased with the way she … one good element of her work is … the best feature of this work is … a section of this work that works really well is … one area that could be improved is … the least successful part of this is … I wish that she had …
LearningWhat did you Learn? What have you found out? What are you next steps?Examples:By exploring this,I improved my skills in … I got better at working in the style of … I now have a better idea of how … I feel more confident about … Next I plan to try … To follow this up I want to … To build on this I hope to …

Concluding Comments

Crucially - sum up!

  1. What have you have found out?
  2. What ideas have you found most interesting
  3. What are you going to explore next, creatively?