Individual (Moral) Issues and Opportunities

Individual (Moral) Issues and Opportunities

Moral Issues in Computing Usage

Data Privacy

  • Personal data gathered online by organisations raises issues of privacy and consent.
  • Users need to trust that their data is stored securely and not mishandled or shared without their consent
  • The advent of Big Data makes privacy even more complex. Hiding personal identities in large datasets can be challenging.


  • Electronic surveillance has made it possible to monitor individuals’ activities in unprecedented detail.
  • There is a moral dilemma between the need for security and a person’s right to privacy.
  • Misuse of surveillance can lead to invasion of privacy and harassment.

Automation and Job Displacement

  • Advances in computer technology could lead to job displacement as tasks become automated.
  • However, this could also lead to the creation of new types of jobs in tech-oriented fields.
  • Deciding which jobs should be automated is a moral dilemma that society faces.

Opportunities in Computing Usage


  • Computing technology has offered new opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • It has given them the ability to interact with the world in ways that were not possible before.
  • Technology like speech recognition and computer-based communication aids have transformed the lives of many.


  • The advent of online learning platforms means that people can learn new skills and study courses no matter their location.
  • This digitalisation of education opens up opportunities for people who previously couldn’t access education due to geographic or financial constraints.
  • However, there is the moral issue of digital divide, where some people may not have equal access to technologies.

Environmental Impact

  • Technology has the potential to make positive environmental impacts, through efficiency and dematerialisation.
  • For instance, using digital documents instead of paper can lead to less deforestation.
  • Fuel-saving algorithms and modelling of climate variations can contribute towards solving environmental issues.
  • Nevertheless, the production and disposal of devices contribute to e-waste and could have a negative environmental impact.