Consumer Issues and Daily Living

Consumer Issues and Daily Living


  • Understand how to sign about different types of shops – from corner stores and supermarkets to specialised boutiques.
  • Learn the appropriate signs for going shopping, including the process of selecting items, making comparisons, and making a purchase.
  • Learn to describe the specifics of purchasing items such as size, cost, quality, and quantity.
  • Become familiar with the signs to express dissatisfaction if a good or service does not meet expectations.

Consumer Rights

  • Be able to communicate about basic consumer rights – including the right to return goods, ask for refund etc.
  • Practice BSL signs to explain issues related to warranty, insurance, and claims.
  • Develop skills in using the correct signs to discuss scams or fraudulent activities.

Daily Living

  • Be able to describe daily chores and errands that involve shopping or interacting with commerce.
  • Practice articulating the process of budgeting and financial planning in BSL.
  • Familiarise yourself with phrases about savings, using a bank, or financial emergencies.

Product and Service Issues

  • Acquire skills to communicate complaints about goods or services, including defective products or poor service.
  • Learn how to ask for assistance or support, in English and in BSL.
  • Understand how to enquire about alternate solutions or negotiate alternatives when confront with product or service issues.

Money Management

  • Familiarise yourself with signs about different financial concepts, like income, expenses, savings, and investments.
  • Ensure understanding of signs discussing bills and payment methods, including online banking and money transfer apps.
  • Acquire the ability to speak about household budgeting and learn how to convey financial sense in BSL.

Remember the importance of building fluency. Practicing these signs and phrases in real-life scenarios with those fluent in BSL can help solidify knowledge. It encourages clearer, more confident communication.