Types of Employment

  • Gain proficiency in signs related to various kinds of employment such as part-time, full-time, contract, freelance, and temporary roles.
  • Master the signs for different sectors such as health, education, arts, science, technology, and so on.

Working Conditions

  • Learn to communicate about employment rights and contracts, including signs for key terms like salary, hours, and benefits.
  • Understand how to sign about workplace environments including office spaces, remote work, and outdoors environments.

Job Searching

  • Develop expertise in signs to talk about job searching, techniques such as networking, using job boards, or going through recruitment agencies.
  • Be confident in signing about creating a CV and cover letter, as well as preparing for interviews.

Workplace Dynamics

  • Master signs to explain the hierarchy in workplaces, such as the roles of managers, supervisors, and employees.
  • Familiarise with signs to discuss workplace relationships and teamwork, including concepts like collaboration, conflict resolution, and mutual respect.

Career Progression

  • Understand how to sign about career progression and goals, including promotions, salary increases, and changing careers.
  • Learn to convey the concept of job satisfaction, and talk about what makes a job fulfilling or unfulfilling.

Unemployment and Job Loss

  • Become proficient in signing about unemployment, including job loss, redundancy, and job seeking.
  • Be able to explain the impact of unemployment on individuals and society, including financial strain and impact on mental health.

Remember, repeating these signs and phrases, and using them in daily conversations, will help you become more fluent and expressive in your sign language communication.