Social/Recreational Activities

Social/Recreational Activities

Outdoor Activities

  • Illustrate the ability to describe various outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, and birdwatching using precise sign language.
  • Learn corresponding signs for sports and team games like football, cricket, or tennis, and their rules.
  • Grow familiar with how to depict in signs seasonal activities like swimming in summer or sledging in winter.

Arts and Entertainment

  • Understand how to denote different genres of music, art, and films in sign language.
  • Expand your repertoire with signs to explain performance arts, such as theatre, opera, or dance.
  • Know how to discuss books, authors, and literary genres using British Sign Language.

Community Events

  • Learn how to sign expressions for community events and gatherings like carnivals, bonfire nights, or charity runs.
  • Get comfortable in detailing preparations or setting up for these events in sign language.
  • Practice how to suggest, accept, or decline invitations to such events using appropriate sign language phrases.


  • Master a range of sign language expressions to describe various hobbies such as painting, gardening or photography.
  • Be capable in sign language to explain the materials and equipment needed in these hobbies.
  • Demonstrate using BSL to detail the process involved in each hobby - from start to finish.

Fitness and Well-being

  • Learn to communicate signs that represent different types of exercises such as yoga, pilates, or gym workouts.
  • Know how to use BSL to describe personal well-being, including mental and physical health.
  • Practice sign language for conveying the benefits of a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Leisurely Travel

  • Be able to sign about different types of holidays such as bushcraft holidays, caravan camping, or city breaks.
  • Know how to explain the planning and organization process for these trips using BSL.
  • Be familiar with using signs to share exciting experiences or memorable incidents during these travels.

Fluency and clarity are vital for robust communication in British Sign Language. Always make it a point to practice signing consistently to reinforce both your vocabulary and your understanding of the language structure. Interaction with others using BSL will immensely benefit your signing skills.