Home Life

Home Life

Home Environment

  • Explore the ability to describe different types of houses and their features and practise producing clear sign language communication to depict each aspect.
  • Familiarise yourself with the appropriate signs to explain various household chores.
  • Learn to sign different rooms in a house and their specific attributes.
  • Ensure understanding of phrasing to discuss home repair and renovations in sign language.

Daily Routines

  • Understand the signs and expressions to describe common daily routines, like waking up, taking a bath, and preparing meals.
  • Practice using sign language to explain time-specific tasks, such as chores or caring for pets.
  • Get comfortable with explaining the entire process of cooking meals, including ingredient preparation, cooking methods, and cleanup.

Household Members and Relationships

  • Learn how to sign expressions that depict family relationships – like parents, siblings, and extended family.
  • Know how to communicate about the personal habits and personalities of different family members.
  • Familiarise yourself with signs that denote availability or busy schedules of family members at home.


  • Understand how to describe and arrange events at home, such as family gatherings, birthday parties, and barbecues.
  • Learn to explain any alterations or cancellations in planned events using appropriate signs.
  • Practice the ability to explain the arrangements for these events and include as much detail as you can.


  • Know sign language that represents various leisure activities people might do at home, such as gardening, home workouts, or DIY projects.
  • Be clear on signs that discuss the influence of lifestyle choices on home life, such as diet, fitness, or sleep habits.
  • Prepare to discuss sign language expressions for technology usage in home life, including utilising smart home devices or the predominant use of specific appliances.

Equipment and Furnishings

  • Be able to describe different furniture pieces and where they are usually placed in the house.
  • Understand how to explain appliances and their uses in the home.
  • Develop skill in showing damage or need for repair with BSL signs for various household items.

Remember, for all topics, practicing fluency and clarity is key. Interact with others utilising British Sign Language wherever possible to practice your skills.