Networking and relationship building

Networking and relationship building

Importance of Networking

  • Networking is a key activity in the process of executive search and headhunting.
  • It helps in the identification and access of passive candidates who are not actively seeking a new job opportunity.
  • It is an avenue to gain industry insights and keep up-to-date with any potential job movement and opportunity in targeted industries.

Building and Maintaining Networks

  • Maintaining a robust network requires regular communication and interaction to keep contacts engaged.
  • This could be done through attending industry events, having regular catch-ups, and participating in online forums and discussions.
  • One should also make an effort to provide value to their network, such as sharing useful articles, providing career advice or knowledge sharing.

Leveraging Networks

  • Information gathered through networking can be utilised to identify potential candidates for executive search.
  • Your contacts can provide recommendations or refer potential candidates.
  • Contacts might also provide information about companies that are about to undergo major changes, such as mergers or acquisitions, which might lead to potential candidates.

Networking Channels

  • Social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, play a significant role in networking. They offer access to a wide range of industry professionals and provide valuable insights into their skills and career development
  • Industry events, such as conferences and seminars, are also essential networking opportunities. They not only provide a platform to meet industry professionals, but also to gain insights into current trends and challenges.

Remember, networking and relationship building is a continuous process and it’s not just about meeting new contacts but also nurturing and maintaining existing ones. It plays a crucial role in the success of an executive search or headhunting strategy.