Healthcare recruitment

Healthcare Recruitment Overview

  • Healthcare recruitment involves identifying, screening, and selecting professionals for various roles within the Healthcare sector.
  • These roles can range from doctors and nurses, to lab technicians and healthcare administrators.

Demand in Healthcare Recruitment

  • There is a constant demand for professionals in the healthcare sector due to its essential nature, the aging population, and evolving medical advancements.
  • This requires recruiters in this sector to keep up with advancements in healthcare, medical techniques and healthcare regulations to remain competitive.

Skills Required in Healthcare Candidates

  • Healthcare professionals require a unique blend of hard skills and soft skills.
  • Hard skills include medical knowledge, technical capabilities, and familiarity with healthcare systems and regulations.
  • Soft skills like compassion, patience, and good communication are equally important.
  • Candidates should also possess a strong commitment to ethical practice

Job Advertising in Healthcare Recruitment

  • Job advertisements for healthcare roles must explicitly state the qualifications, technical abilities, and professional registration requirements.
  • Connecting with potential candidates through healthcare-focused job platforms such as Healthjobs UK, NHS Jobs, and LinkedIn could increase visibility among the right talent pool.

Healthcare Recruitment Process

  • The recruitment process generally incorporates CV screening, initial interviews, in-depth interviews usually involving scenarios or case studies, and thorough reference checks.
  • For many roles, particularly those involving patient interaction, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be required.

Importance of Ongoing Healthcare Insight in Recruitment

  • The ability for recruiters to provide valuable insights and advice to candidates and clients is heavily dependent on their understanding of the healthcare sector, which includes staying updated on public health issues, newly emerging treatments, and regulatory changes.

Difficulty in Healthcare Recruitment

  • Challenges in healthcare recruitment may include a shortage of skilled professionals, the emotional demands of healthcare roles, and ensuring candidates are prepared for significant regulation and compliance responsibilities.
  • Recruiters in this sector should follow career changes and trends among healthcare professionals, maintain a strong professional network, and keep their online presence prominent to attract top talent.

Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare recruitment

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly shifted the landscape of healthcare recruitment.
  • Besides a substantial increase in demand, recruiters also had to adapt to the introduction of remote interviews and assessments and place an increased focus on candidates’ resilience and adaptability.