Rooster: First Performances

Rooster: First Performances

Premiere Details

  • Rooster was first performed in 1991.
  • The premiere took place at Karlsruhe Staattheather in Germany.
  • The work was commissioned by Ballett Frankfurt.

Initial Cast

  • The initial cast consisted of 10 dancers, five male and five female.
  • Christopher Bruce himself played the role of ‘the Rooster Man’.
  • Other dancers included Catherine Batcheller and Lucila Alves, both of whom held key roles in the performance.

Early Audiences and Reception

  • The early audiences hailed from a diverse demographic, spanning several age groups and backgrounds which extended to both casual and regular theatre-goers.
  • Rooster was received positively by critics and has been hailed as one of Christopher Bruce’s most popular works.
  • It found appeal due to its stirring choreography, dashing personality and nostalgic soundtrack.

Touring and Other Productions

  • Post premiére, Rooster embarked on an extensive worldwide tour, visiting over a dozen countries.
  • Different dance companies have since staged Rooster, including London’s Rambert Dance Company and Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Australia.
  • Its continued popularity led to numerous revivals and has maintained a presence on the global dance stage since its creation.

Last but not least, it is essential to keep in mind that the initial performances shaped the piece and its evolution. They cemented Rooster’s position within the dance world and its perception among audiences and critics.