Impact of the Second World War

Impact of the Second World War

Economic Impact of Second World War

  • Defence industry boost: The Soviet economy was transformed as war necessitated the expansion of the defence industry.
  • Relocation of factories: From 1941, thousands of factories were dismantled and relocated eastward to protect them from the advancing German forces.
  • Increased production: Despite severe hardships, the USSR increased production of armaments, particularly tanks and airplanes.
  • Human cost: The USSR suffered monumental human loss during the war which had long-lasting economic implications.

Social Impact of Second World War

  • Women in the workforce: As millions of Soviet men were conscripted into the military, women filled jobs in industry, agriculture and other key sectors.
  • Racial persecution: War intensified racial tensions within the USSR, leading to widespread persecution of groups accused of collaborating with the Germans, such as the Crimean Tatars and the Chechens.
  • Increased patriotism: Despite hardships, the war fostered a sense of unity and increased patriotism among the Soviet people.

Political Impact of Second World War

  • Stalin’s power: The war consolidated Stalin’s hold over the USSR, as he successfully rallied the Soviet people to resist the invaders and ultimately triumph.
  • International status: The USSR’s military might and position as a victorious power in the Second World War increased its international status and influence.
  • Formation of the Eastern Bloc: Post-war, the USSR’s control over Eastern Europe increased massively, leading to the formation of the socialist Eastern Bloc.

Cultural Impact of Second World War

  • Censorship and propaganda: The state controlled information about the war, censoring news and using propaganda to maintain morale and foster a sense of unity.
  • Cult of the Great Patriotic War: Since the victory, the war has been commemorated annually as the Great Patriotic War, and the heroism of Soviet soldiers and citizens during the war has been elevated to the level of myth.
  • Art and literature: The war had a profound impact on Soviet arts and literature, with many works centred around themes of sacrifice, courage, and resilience against a brutal enemy.