Impact of WW2

Economic Impact of WW2

  • Complete devastation of infrastructure: Factories, houses, and transport systems destroyed due to bombing.
  • Agricultural disaster: Harvests were lower than ever, famine occurred in many parts of the country.
  • Economy shift: From production for consumption to production for warfare.
  • Large loss of work force: Over 20 million deaths resulted in fewer workers available.

Political Impact of WW2

  • Elevation of Stalin’s power: The victory over Nazi Germany enhanced his control over the USSR.
  • Gradual western acceptance: Western countries recognised USSR as a key world power.
  • Cold War onset: Political and ideological tensions with the United States that lasted for decades.
  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania incorporation: These countries were incorporated into the USSR after the war.

Social Impact of WW2

  • Increase in nationalism: The victory strengthened national identity and patriotism.
  • Population decrease: A large proportion of the population was lost due to war casualties.
  • Women’s roles: Millions of women were mobilised into the workforce and recruited as soldiers.
  • Postwar depression: The loss of life and damage to cities led to widespread sadness and mourning.

Cultural Impact of WW2

  • Propaganda: The victory was celebrated as a triumph of the Soviet system.
  • Art and literature: Post-war creations focused on the heroic deeds of ordinary Soviet citizens.
  • Persecution of religion: Church property was confiscated and religious communities persecuted.
  • Education: The emphasis was placed on technological and scientific advancement to help the rebuilding process.