Electromagnetic waves are__ transverse waves. They transfer energy from a __source __to an __observer.

Electromagnetic waves form a continuous spectrum (shown below). All electromagnetic waves in the spectrum travel at the__ same speed in a vacuum__ (e.g. in space) or air.

Electromagnetism, figure 1

You need to remember the order in both wavelength and frequency.

Our eyes only detect visible light, which is a very small part of the spectrum.

Energy Transfer

All electromagnetic waves transfer energy from a source to the observer. The EM spectrum, which includes light, is an energy carrier or pathway and not an energy store in its own right.

Notice that gamma rays have the highest frequency and also the highest energy.

What type of wave is an electromagnetic wave?
In a vacuum, do microwaves travel faster or slower than x-rays?
Your answer should include: neither / same speed
Explanation: Neither - they travel at the same speed in a vacuum
List the electromagnetic spectrum in order of wavelength, starting with the longest.
Your answer should include: Radio / microwave / infrared / visible / ultraviolet / x-ray / gamma ray