Social and Global Issues

Social and Global Issues

Section: The Environment

  • The word for the environment in Spanish is el medio ambiente.
  • Global warming is referred to as el calentamiento global.
  • La deforestación refers to deforestation.
  • The word for pollution in Spanish is la contaminación.
  • El cambio climático is how you refer to climate change.
  • You can talk about recycling by referring to it as el reciclaje.

Section: Poverty and Inequality

  • The term for poverty in Spanish is la pobreza.
  • La desigualdad refers to inequality.
  • When talking about homelessness, use the term la falta de vivienda.
  • For unemployment, the word to use in Spanish is el desempleo.
  • The term for social justice is la justicia social.

Section: Conflict and Peace

  • The conflict is known as el conflicto in Spanish.
  • La guerra is how you refer to war.
  • La paz stands for peace in Spanish.
  • The phrase for human rights is los derechos humanos.
  • If you’re referring to discrimination, the term to use is la discriminación.

Section: Immigration and Multiculturalism

  • Immigration can be referred to as la inmigración.
  • When talking about refugees, the Spanish term to use is los refugiados.
  • El multiculturalismo refers to multiculturalism.
  • The term for nationality in Spanish is la nacionalidad.

Section: Health Issues

  • The Spanish term for health is la salud.
  • To refer to disease in general, use the terms la enfermedad.
  • El SIDA is the term for AIDS.
  • Drug addiction can be referred to as la drogadicción.
  • When talking about mental health, use the term la salud mental.

Remember, when talking about these issues, using verbs like ocurrir (to occur), necesitar (to need), mejorar (to improve), resolver (to solve) can help build sentences and express ideas clearly.