Technology in Everyday Life

Technology in Everyday Life

General Vocabulary about Technology

  • La tecnología (Technology): The broad term defining any aspect linked to technology.
  • El internet (Internet): General term encompassing everything related to the world wide web.
  • El ordenador (Computer): Desktop computer.
  • El portátil (Laptop): A useful term for students as they often use laptops to study.
  • El teléfono móvil/El móvil (Mobile phone): Important as these are ubiquitous devices.
  • La tableta (Tablet): Another common personal device.

Activities Online

  • Navegar por internet (To surf theinternet): General expression to explain activity on the world wide web.
  • Chatear (To chat): Used to communicate both chatting on social media or messaging.
  • Enviar un correo electrónico (To send an email): Formal way to communicate digitally.
  • Jugar videojuegos (To play videogames): Leisure activity online.
  • Publicar mensajes (To post messages): A general term to describe activity on social media.

Online Safety

  • La contraseña (Password): Key term to discuss security on internet.
  • La privacidad (Privacy): Related to individual rights online.
  • Virus informático (Computer virus): What is often avoided to protect systems.
  • Página segura (Secure page): Important when sharing personal information online.
  • La seguridad en línea (Online safety): The overall term representing the protection of all online activities.

Impacts of Technology

  • El ciberacoso (Cyberbullying): Issue of growing concern in today’s digital age.
  • La adicción a la tecnología (Technology addiction): Increasingly relevant issue.
  • La dependencia del móvil (Mobile dependency): Specific term for reliance on mobile phones.
  • La brecha digital (Digital divide): Related to inequality of technology access.
  • La sobrecarga de información (Information overload): A phenomena brought on by the internet.

Expressing Opinion on Technology

  • Creo que la tecnología es (I believe technology is): Start of an opinion statement.
  • En mi opinión, el internet tiene (In my opinion, the internet has): Another way to introduce opinion.
  • No estoy seguro de que (I am not sure that): Shows a more doubtful stance.
  • Prefiero usar (I prefer to use): Optional way to express personal preference towards one device/aspect of technology.
  • Resulta útil para (It is useful for): Gives an opportunity to discuss the advantages of certain technologies.