Using Paragraphs



You need to change paragraphs when you change:





Using Paragraphs, figure 1

Consider your paragraph to be a hamburger.

The topic sentence is what the paragraph will be about.

The contents of the burger contain more information.

It is important to conclude your paragraph with a final sentence.

You can use the following words to help connect your sentences:

Using Paragraphs, figure 2

Effective Endings

When you end your writing, it needs to be an exciting/shocking/mysterious conclusion. This is because you need to be entertaining your reader all the way through the piece.

Look at these two. Which one leaves you with more questions?

“The gloved finger slowly moved towards the trigger.”

“Grabbing the gun, we struggled and the bullet went into his chest, piercing his evil heart.”

You can do two things at once with a short, yet effective ending.

A) Still be entertaining

B) Show you are using a paragraph to effect the reader


Use a one line paragraph to conclude your work.

A one line paragraph will stand out, so it makes sense to use it for a dramatic/mysterious ending.

Linking Paragraphs

It’s important to link your paragraphs as you write.

This helps your writing flow better and will help you improve your level. Look at how the colours link together in the following persuasive letter:

Imagine it is the middle of January: cold, windy and damp. You wish that you could get warm, but there is nowhere to go. You wish that you could go to your family, but you do not know where they are. You wish that you had a way to feel dry, but you only have one set of clothes. Imagine if this were your son or daughter.

Everyone living on the streets had a family at some point in their lives. 80% of young people living rough have left home because of abuse and neglect. 1 in 3 will not survive past their 30th birthday. Shield hopes to change this shocking statistic.

Shield provides clean water and hot, healthy food for people who have no way of getting their own. We also provide medical services, hostels and warm clothes – but all of this costs money.

You can help us with this seemingly impossible task. Even a small donation will help: £5.00 can pay for a flu vaccine; £7.00 can provide a warm jumper; £10 will provide 15 hot meals and even £1 can provide some warm socks.

What would be an effective ending to a story?
What does ‘TIPTOP’ stand for?