When Regan flatters King Lear in order to gain her slice of the land at the same time she shows how she is willing to attack her sister. She states, Only she comes too short: that I profess Myself an enemy to all other joys” so in other words she is saying that however much Goneril has said that she loves Lear, she loves him more. This is clearly an attempt to win her father over. As with Goneril, it is only moments later when Regan is discussing how to treat Lear in a way that will not cause her trouble. It is clear her words of love had no substance to them.


Regan’s behaviour towards her father in the opening scene demonstrate a character who is willing to lie to get what she desires. She is willing to throw Lear out of the castle into the storm without care and this further emphasises her callousness. Her presence and involvement in the plucking out of Gloucester’s eyes further highlights her evilness. Goneril and Regan began the play plotting together but they end it by plotting against each other for the attention of Edmund. While it is Regan who is poisoned by Goneril both will do whatever it takes to secure what they want.

Is Regan evil?
Your answer should include: Manipulates / Father / Involved / Torture / Gloucester