Question 1: Comment On

Explicit Information

If something is explicit, it means that it is obvious, clear and direct. There is nothing obscure about the information and you can accept its meaning for what is literally said.

I call this skill ‘go shopping’, you know exactly what you are looking for and you need to come back with those items. Simple identification!

For example, The teacher stared at the student.

This is very clear; the teacher’s eyes are focussed on the student. We may try to think of reasons why the teacher is doing this. However, we cannot make assumptions as the example doesn’t offer any further explanation.

Implicit Information

To understand implied meaning you have to work a little harder, because it has an indirect meaning. At times an expression may not be as straightforward as the literal words that are said. Therefore, you need to work out or interpret what the intended meaning is so that you can fully understand the phrase.

You can find implied meaning in the source by reasoning and using interrogatives such as, what, why and how. This will help you to draw conclusions about the material and gain further insight into the text.

For example, The teacher gave the student a dirty look.

This requires further thought to understand. The teacher is looking at the student but in a ‘dirty’ manner. This word has negative connotations, therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that this is not a pleasant look. We can infer, that the teacher is unhappy with the student and is showing displeasure by the type of look that is given.


Is a really quick and effective technique. In your exam, you will be given a considerable amount of source material which will be very new to you. To skim, means that that you glance over the material by reading memorable words and phrases at a pace. Employing this skill in your exam enables you to appreciate the essence of the source and feel more confident about understanding the meaning of the upcoming questions.


Requires that you search for specific information. Quickly, read over the specified section to pinpoint key words and ideas. Once you think that you have located the relevant information, you need to reread it carefully to identify the pieces that you need to successfully answer the question.


Once you are happy with the information that you have located, combine these points into a logical response. Confidently demonstrate that you have accurately processed the information by using your own words. Make sure that you make precise comments about what the text expresses. Remember to convey these points and your ideas in a clear, logical and succinct manner.

Explain the skill of inference.
Your answer should include: Indirect / Meaning / Questioning / Reasoning
What do you need to do when scanning a text?
Your answer should include: Search / Locate / Specific / Information
What is involved in synthesising?
Your answer should include: Own / Words / Precise / Comments / Clear / Logical / Succinct