Levels of Tension

Rising Action

Is an important element of the plot that is developed directly after the exposition (introduction of character and setting). Usually, this section is the lengthiest part of the whole plot. The character is faces a series of issues and complications. These twists and turns often highlight flaws in the character and engages the reader to join the journey. The uncertainty created in this part of the story, heightens the tension and creates a suspense-filled atmosphere.


This section of the plot presents the height of tension in the literary piece, which is as a result of the drama created in the Rising Action. Often the character is faced with the biggest decision yet that will affect the future for themselves and others. This should be the most dramatic section of the plot. Much of the suspense is dispelled, because answers to many questions are provided.

For example, the villain is faced by the superhero and they battle out the issue.

However, identifying the climax is not always clear, as some may feel that another incident has more of an impact on the plot.


This dramatic convention is very effective as it leaves the audience with many unanswered questions. It is usually employed directly after the climactic moment, when the tension its highest peak. This technique forces the audience to make assumptions and draw their own conclusions about future events.

Falling Action

This section of the plot follows the Climax and it provides some more answers to the questions that were raised in the Rising Action. The tension that was created begins to subdue, as the story’s central conflict has been addressed. It is at this point in the story where the characters themselves tend to relax somewhat, because a drama is de-escalating.


The final part of the story, in which conclusions are drawn and completed. There is a clear outcome; all conflict that was raised is addressed and resolved. This section of the story is usually quite brief. It is important that the audience isn’t left with any uncertainty or anxiety, when the story is drawn to a close.

Which section of the plot is commonly the longest?
Your answer should include: Rising / Action
What happens during the climax?
Your answer should include: Decision / Height / Tension / Dramatic / Answers / Questions
If there are still issues and questions unresolved, this is known as?