Question 3: Exposition


Knowing when or where an event is taking place is extremely important to understand the text. Depending on the era, time of day or building in which the situation is taking place can dramatically affect the meaning of the story.


A specific geographical location that can be visited. Alternatively, it could be a discernible place or event that is common to most people.

_Amy rode the tube to Trafalgar Square, because she didn’t want to miss the wedding. _


A location that has been imagined and made up that cannot be visited.

Nina ejected the cargo from the hover craft and it landed precisely in the eastern region of planet Montsé.


Pathetic fallacy can reinforce a mood that is created by the weather type. For example, stormy weather could reflect the characters mood within the text.

Violent bolts of electricity soared across the dark sky and the roaring thunder soon pounded down condemnation on the city.


A text may be based or have connotations of a historical event. Therefore, the setting or will heighten the understanding of the text, because it will echo ideas that are associated with that particular place.

_The men stood with their noses against the blood-stained wall. Fragile bones rattled in the ill-fitting striped pyjamas. _

What era would this be?


Remember that writers create and shape their characters as literary vehicles to present an idea. Characters should be believable but are not real people!

Often times, we formulate ideas about a character based on the information provided.

We either like or dislike a character, because of distinctive traits or behaviours. Our opinions of characters usually change through the course of a text, as the plot develops.

Characters are shown through:


A way a person is described or the first things we see about a person, often leads to prejudices.

_His tight leather jacket revealed thick arms of which very inch of skin was covered in dark inky tattoos. _

What is suggested about this character?


The characters movements and actions tell a lot about a character’s personality.

_Monica shiftily glanced down the aisle and then slid the mink scarf into her handbag. _

What is suggested about this character?


A character may say one thing yet do another, which will give you an insight into the true personality of the character. Also, more can be learnt or inferred about a character depending on their distinctive speech pattern. As it can be used to reflect an accent by indicating where a person was brought up or their current location. Alternatively, how someone speaks could reveal a person’s level of intellect and education.

_ “Ya thievin’ lil’ toe rag. Get back ‘ere now!” _

What is suggested about this character?

Their Possessions

The belongings a person acquires shows a lot about their tastes and interests. Similarly, a character’s home or the things that they regard as valuable can be a sign of their personality.

_ Her room was extremely sparse, except for a few family photos that she had tacked to the brick wall. _

What is suggested about this character?

What aspects of the setting could be developed?
Your answer should include: Real / Fictional / Context / Weather
What should you remember about characters?
Your answer should include: Not / Real / People / Crafted / Shaped
In what ways is a character’s speech pattern informative?
Your answer should include: Brought / Up / Live / Location / Education / Intellect