Question 4: Confidently Be


You are required to make a clear judgement in response to a statement that is made by another reader of the text. Highlight sections of the text that can be used for reference, when justifying your judgements.

For example, He deserves the death penalty, because he murdered 10 people.


Reason on the statement by examining the evidence provided. Identify and interpret sections that either prove or disprove the idea. Those who make judgemental comments about a literary piece or an opinion must be able to logically explain why they are adverse to what is presented. Constructive criticism can allow room for different expressions of the thought about an idea and consider areas of improvement.

For example, This piece of work is poor, you need to be more precise.


Clearly and confidently express your beliefs in response to the ideas of others. You may feel that there are flaws in the characters or the events that take place. If so, you must explain why you have this conviction and support your ideas with evidence from the text.

For example, I think that all children in the world deserve to have a good education.


Be discerning and observant, whilst reading through the selected portion of text that is under review. You want to be able to identify concepts and themes are interwoven through the extract. Consider how the writer skillfully presents ideas and imagery through effective use of language and structural devices. Such as:

Explore and analyse the role each device plays in developing the text and the effects that they create. The deeper you dig for valuable meaning and writer’s intention, the more rewarding your responses will be!

What does it mean to be critical?
Your answer should include: Reasoning / Reason / Logical / Opinion / Judgements
What may be interwoven through the text?
Your answer should include: Concepts / Themes / Ideas
When offering your opinion, what must you do?
Your answer should include: Clear / Confident / Express / Ideas / Thoughts / Conviction